Track Updates

May 28, 2024

Check out this exciting video update, where we shine a little light on the progress being made at K1 Circuit! You won’t want to miss this one.

Track Updates

January 26,2024

k1 Circuit shot from hot air balloon

The main building’s first level is mostly complete, the turf has been added to help keep dirt of the track and improve appearance.

Thanks goes out to Magical Adventure Balloon Rides & Helicopter Tours for the great, early-morning shot from their hot air ballon!

Track Updates

December 29, 2023

Garages have been finalized with all bay doors installed, and main building construction is moving along swiftly with the structure of the first level complete. Plus, our turf installation is almost complete!

Track Updates + Q&A

September 19, 2023

See the latest track improvements and listen to our Q&A with the GM, Mike Smith, as we ask him some our most common questions!

2023 e-World Championship

August 4, 2023

Our first private event – the 2023 K1 World Championship!

Garages and Storage

February 22, 2023

Ryan interviews our new GM, Mike Smith and takes us on a tour of the storage options at K1 Circuit.

Curb Install and Painting

February 21, 2023

After much rain, the curbing has been installed and painted. Garages are being finished then onto to the pit lane paving. You can also see the exterior wall under construction.

E-Pro Kart Testing

August 1, 2022

K1 Circuit kart test on track

Final testing of the new OTL E-Pro Kart that will be used for track rental.


JUNE 14, 2022

K1 Circuit paved

Initial asphalt layout. The asphalt used is the same composition as what was used at Daytona and Laguna Seca. 550 truckloads of asphalt were used – 450 for the base and another 100 for the fine top layer.

Grading Update

MAY, 13, 2022

Photos of the final grading prior to laying gravel and then asphalt. You can see the concrete drainage and bases for the light poles.

Ground Breaking Ceremony

AUGUST 13, 2021

Building Concepts

AUGUST 13, 2021

K1 Circuit main building concept

The main building will house seating and viewing areas, Paddock Lounge restaurant, meeting rooms, and Pro Shop. The garages will be available for rental and there will be kart service and storage lockers along with driver’s meeting room and showers.

K1 Circuit garage concept