Since 2003, K1 Speed has delighted tens of millions of people with an unparalleled indoor racing experience. K1 Speed’s first location in Southern California helped pioneer indoor electric go kart racing, while providing guests with an upscale setting that was rarely seen at indoor karting establishments.


Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, K1 Speed has 75+ international locations and continues to evolve the American go kart racing industry with the opening of K1 Circuit.


About K1 Circuit


Five years in the making, K1 Circuit is the realized dream from the team behind K1 Speed. By building K1 Circuit, the company expands into the professional realm of go kart racing, while providing an outlet for experienced indoor racers who want to graduate to outdoor karting and take their skills to the next level.


K1 Circuit aims to not only become the first track to push professional-level outdoor electric go kart racing, but to become a true world-class venue that will host the biggest karting events in the country, both for gas-powered karts and electric.


About The Track


The 1.1-mile configurable circuit is designed by pro racer Rocky Moran, Jr. (of the famed Moran Raceway formerly in Beaumont, CA). The track features a straightaway that’s approximately 900 feet in length, a universal width of 28 feet, and up to 6% of elevation change.


Of special note, are K1 Circuit’s two signature turns: the 14-degree banked Rocky Moran Corner, and the sweeping downhill Susan Esses. Both provide a unique, thrilling driving experience not commonly found at outdoor karting venues.


K1 Circuit incorporates every element a driver could ever want: blind crests, dramatic downhill elevations, sweeping-flowing corners built into the side of a double-mountain peak and a blend of slow, medium, and incredibly high-speed corners that will produce many overtaking opportunities. The end result is a track with the look and feel of a small Formula One circuit.


Upon completion, the track will seek certification and welcome many classes of gas-powered and electric go karts with the aim of hosting major professional kart racing events such as SKUSA, USPKS, ROK, Rotax, and more.


About The Facility


In addition to the track, K1 Circuit will include a 14,000-sq.ft. main building that houses a K1 RaceGear pro shop, private spaces for events, and a Paddock Lounge restaurant with a deck overlooking the entire circuit. In addition, kart owners will have the opportunity to rent one of a limited number of premium private garages located onsite, with reservations opening up online some time before the grand opening. Eventually, lights and a scoring tower will be installed to allow for night racing and to display the current running order on track.


About The Karts


Just as K1 Speed pioneered electric indoor go karts in the States, K1 Circuit will pioneer the professional electric outdoor go kart racing experience in the country. Nowhere else in the United States can you find electric karts that can reach speeds in excess of 75mph on a large purpose-built outdoor track.


The new electric karts will differ significantly in performance from those found at K1 Speed’s indoor facilities. Developed by Italian manufacturer OTL, the pro-karts are twice as fast as K1’s indoor karts plus they are lighter and use specialized lithium batteries for higher performance. These fast electric pro-karts will be available both as rentals and for ownership to compete in the spec e-pro kart series.

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