When is K1 Circuit Opening?


We’re hoping to open K1 Circuit to the public soon, pending city/county approvals.


How Much Does K1 Circuit Cost?


We’re still finishing up the final pricing, but our tentative pricing is currently up on this website. For Arrive & Drive rental pricing, please visit our Kart Rental page, and for “bring your own kart” pricing, please visit our Kart Owners page.


Can I Rent Out the Entire K1 Circuit Track?


Yes! Soon after we open up, we will allow people to rent out our entire track. Pricing for this is to be determined.


What are the Hours of Operation?


When we open, K1 Circuit will be open every day from 9am to 9pm. Open Practice for kart owners will be held from 9am to 5pm, while rentals will operate from 12pm to 9pm. After the completion of open practice, rentals will be available on two course configurations from 5pm to 9pm.


How Old Do You Have to Be To Drive the Rentals at K1 Circuit?


All drivers who want to rent our karts at K1 Circuit must be at least 16 years old with an active Driver’s License. Plus, drivers must be at 58″ tall and safely reach the pedals and steering wheel.


ALL drivers under the age of 18 will need a parent or legal guardian present with a valid ID to sign their waiver, including OPEN PRACTICE drivers – not just for rentals!


How Long Are Sessions at K1 Circuit?


K1 Circuit will operate in 10-minute blocks. So it’s up to the driver as far as how many laps can be completed in that given time. Currently, our rental karts are capable of producing roughly 80-second lap times around the full Pro Track layout, but we do expect this to get shorter as the track “rubbers” in and gets more grip, which means more laps!


Will You Run Group Events at K1 Circuit?


Yes, K1 Circuit will host group events sometime after we open!


Are You Hiring at K1 Circuit?


We are not currently hiring at K1 Circuit, however we are accepting resumes if you are interested in working for us when we do start hiring. Please send your resume to


Do You Have Storage Available at K1 Circuit?


Yes, we do have storage available at K1 Circuit! Please visit our Kart Storage for more information about that!


Can I Drive My Motorcycle or Car on K1 Circuit?


No, we will not allow people to drive their motorcycles or cars on K1 Circuit. This circuit was designed for the safety of go-kart racing, not motorcycle or car racing. However, we may host some cycling events in the future.


Can I Drive My Own Kart?


Yes, we will have Open Practice sessions every day (permitting availability) for kart owners to drive their own karts. Please visit our Kart Owners page for more information.


Are Gas-Powered Karts Allowed at K1 Circuit?


Yes, gas-powered karts are allowed at K1 Circuit. While K1 Circuit will only use electric karts for their rentals, those bringing their own karts can use traditional gas-powered go karts.


What is the Best Way to Contact K1 Circuit?


Right now, the best way to contact K1 Circuit is by either submitting our form located on our Contact Us page, or getting in touch with our General Manager, Mike Smith, directly at


What Clothing Can I Wear at K1 Circuit?


Drivers at K1 Circuit must wear abrasion-resistant uppers (either karting-specific jackets or motorcycle-style protective jackets), full-length denim jeans, a DOT-approved helmet with a full-face visor (no goggles), gloves, and closed-toe shoes. We strongly recommend a full karting suit (upper and pants). If you do not own any abrasion-resistant clothing, we will offer rental suits to wear during your visit. No Nomex suits!


Will You Sell Karts There?


Yes, we will sell our OTL E-Pro Kart at K1 Circuit! Pre-orders will be available on soon!


Will You Sell Gear at K1 Circuit?


Yes, we will sell gear at K1 Circuit! Effectively anything you need to race at K1 Circuit will be available for purchase onsite when we open our Pro Shop.


Will You Offer Coaching or Clinics at K1 Circuit?


K1 Circuit will definitely offer coaching/clinics at K1 Circuit. We want to help you go faster and safer at our place! In fact, by participating in one of these classes, you may progress to a quicker rental kart easier. We’ll have more information about our classes and any one-on-one coaching sessions as we get closer to opening.


Will There Be Memberships at K1 Circuit?


Yes, there will be memberships at K1 Circuit. Specifics about what kinds and how it works will be disclosed as we get closer to opening.


Will There Be K1RS Points, (Like K1 Speed)?


Yes, K1 Circuit will use a points system similar to K1 Speed’s K1RS for our rental kart drivers. Specifics about that point system will become available later.


Will You Provide Kart Maintenance at K1 Circuit?


Yes, we will provide kart maintenance at K1 Circuit for not only our own karts, but your karts as well.


What Kart Series Will Run at K1 Circuit?


K1 Circuit has had conversations with multiple karting series, including Los Angeles Karting Championship (LAKC), Tri-C Karters, SKUSA Pro-Kart Challenge, and the Challenge of the Americas Winter Championship.


Will There Be Night Races at K1 Circuit?


Yes, there will be night races at K1 Circuit! Thankfully, K1 Circuit is lined with tall lamps that’ll flood our track with light. This means our rental karting experience can be enjoyed at night, as well as any series who wishes to race at night at K1 Circuit.


Will You Run in the Rain at K1 Circuit?


While we can run our electric rental karts in light rain at K1 Circuit, we likely won’t run them during rain since we will not have rain tires. However, those bringing their own karts with rain tires can definitely race in the rain at K1 Circuit.


Will Circuit Have its Own Racing Series?


K1 Circuit will definitely host its own racing series. More information about the series will become available sometime after opening.


Are You Going to Build Additional K1 Circuits?


Yes, the plan is to be build additional K1 Circuits, eventually.


Can You Use GoPro Cameras at K1 Circuit?


Yes, we will allow GoPro cameras at K1 Circuit!